Your holiday on two wheels.

In the heart of Italy!

... A journey to the most  beautiful places ... To discover the Italian style, cuisine, history, nature.

If you do not have a motorbike to travel with us, no problem! We can rent it for you!

Priori Slow tour was founded thanks to the experience in the tourism sector, the passion for traveling, the knowledge and love for our territory

We have already tested several routes, but we can also create routes according to your preferences. We can guide you, or leave you to explore, but you will never be alone, for safety purposes, your progress will be tracked by GPX, KML, and Maps.

If you do not have an E-Bike or you did not bring yours, no problem! You can reserve yours for your holiday with us

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Let's discover the Twin Mountains
Viaggi in moto, Monti Gemelli, Mototurismo, Campli, Porchetta, Turismo, Strade bianche,

Let's discover the Twin Mountains

Marcello Priori

02-03-2022 10:04

Saturday 2 / 7 / 22 Motorcycle tourism to discover the Twin Mountains - Soon registration will open

Priori Slow Tour promotes the territory surrounding the “Gemelli Mountains” with the creation of motorbikes and adventure-motorbike

Priori slow tour has a partnership with the “Brunozzi” travel agency. Traveling with us is completely safe!

“Moto Veccia” is our trusted repair shop which offers you maintenance and assistance for any kind of issue that could occur to your motorbike

Priori slow tour advices you “Albergo Sant’Emidio” for your staying in Ascoli Piceno, where there is private parking for your bike or motorbike.
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