Large waterfalls and ancient vineyards (modular)

28-12-2022 16:35

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour

Escursioni in E-Bike,

Large waterfalls and ancient vineyards (modular)

Half day excursion to the gates of Ascoli in the territory of the Lost Apennines. Km. 15/20/30 Height difference: 250/500 m. Difficulty: MC ...Info...

Pleasant excursion in the territory of the "Lost Apennines" which will take us to visit what is believed to be one of the oldest vineyards , if not the oldest, of the Marches.

Thanks to the courtesy of the Owner, it will be possible to pay a visit and, if you wish, to buy a bottle of the very small production (about 180 bottles!).

Before reaching the vineyard we will visit the splendid Arena waterfall and the medieval church of S. Ippolito and S. Cassiano, as well as small semi-abandoned villages. Monte Vettore in the background will always be our point of reference, with spectacular landscapes on the Sibillini Mountains. The territory crossed is rich in truffle grounds and, at the end of the excursion, it will be possible to pay a visit to a company specialized in the production of this prized mushroom.

If you like it, I recommend stopping in a restaurant in the area ......


Elevation gain: 250/500m.

Difficulty: MC

Maximum altitude: 600 m.a.s.l.

Average travel time: ½ day

Guide: €100

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