Lake Fiastra and Lame Rosse "wild"

28-11-2022 11:20

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour


Lake Fiastra and Lame Rosse "wild"

Reach Lake Fiastra by off-road vehicle for about 50km. We will reach an altitude of 1820. Possibility also starting from Ussita. A spectacle of panoramas!

We will reach Lake Fiastra with an off-road journey of about 50 km. starting from Amandola , a beautiful village at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains.

Following an easy cart track we will cross the Castani woods until we reach the ski resort of Bolognola.

From here, still off-road, at times slightly more demanding, we will climb to an altitude of 1820 to reach the Farno refuge and then descend to Lake Fiastra.

Possible alternative also from the west side, passing through Castelluccio.

It is mandatory to know the "fundamentals" of off-road driving: standing driving, correct use of brakes and mappings if and where they exist.

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