The Gullies of Ripaberarda

27-11-2022 07:58

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour

Escursioni in E-Bike,

The Gullies of Ripaberarda

Excursion suitable for everyone. Departure from Ascoli. Classification: MC Distance: 35km. Altitude: 450 masl Height difference: 300 m.

Leaving Ascoli we head towards the small hamlet of Ripaberarda about 35 km away. In reaching it we will cross the particular limestone conformation called "I Calanchi". An evocative landscape, almost "lunar" will open to your eyes!
Given the clayey conformation of the soil, the route is not practicable after rainy events. The excursion is suitable for everyone.

Classification: MC
Distance: 35km.
Altitude: 450 masl
Elevation gain: 300m.

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