The high and low hills and the streets between Castelluccio and Norcia

27-11-2022 07:47

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour

Escursioni in E-Bike,

The high and low hills and the streets between Castelluccio and Norcia

One day excursion. Departure from Ascoli by car. For experts. Classification: BC Km. 38 Maximum altitude m. 1,750 Difference in altitude: m. 1000 ...Info...

Excursion suitable for those who are in good shape and have a strong aptitude for off-road driving.

The route is challenging , with significant gradients and stony ground, single track and very technical descents, but always in total safety!! The panoramas that will present themselves to your eyes will be unforgettable!!!

We will follow the tracks, whether they are cart roads or paths, which take place around the Castelluccio plateau , even looking out over the city of Norcia!
The plains of Castelluccio as you've never seen them before!
Highly recommended to bring you an experience to remember!!!

Classification: BC
Maximum altitude m. 1,750
Height difference: m. 1000

Duration from ½ day to 1 day

Cost Guide from 120 to 150 €

Typical products, Lentils, Cheeses, Norcineria

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