Castel Trosino and the Longobard Necropolis (modular)

27-11-2022 07:18

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour

Escursioni in E-Bike,

Castel Trosino and the Longobard Necropolis (modular)

Pleasant excursion for all. We will visit the ancient medieval village and the Lombard necropolis. Km. 10 or more Height difference m. 250/ 1,000 Difficulty: TC

Pleasant and interesting excursion at the gates of Ascoli
We will visit, after a not particularly demanding climb, the medieval village of Casteltrosino , in the gorge of the Castellano river, certainly one of the most characteristic villages in the area.
On foot we will reach the Longobard Necropolis where "The treasure of the Longobards" was found, currently exhibited in Ascoli Piceno, at the Malatesta Fort.
Short excursion that will allow us a comfortable return to Ascoli to rest in front of a nice plate of Olive Ascolane !!

Possibility of packed lunch or in a refuge

Possibility, for the more experienced, to reach Colle San Marco, a place where the Ascolani love to spend the summer days, and to return to Ascoli either by taking the comfortable provincial road or through the woods along a demanding dirt road.

Km. 10 or more
Height difference m. 250/1,000
Difficulty: TC/MC/BC

Altitude 800 masl

Duration ½ day

Guide cost €100

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