The Twin Mountains (modular routes)

26-11-2022 16:01

Marcello Priori x Priori Slow Tour

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The Twin Mountains (modular routes)

1/2 day or full day excursion. Departure from Ascoli by car. Km. 25/30/45 Height difference: 700 m./ 1000/ 1400 m. Difficulty: TC/MC ...Info...

The Twin Mountains rise adjacent to the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, a few km away. from Ascoli Piceno, with a wonderful view of the Gran Sasso, the Laga and the Adriatic Sea up to Monte Conero on the clearest days!

Wide-ranging excursion in the beech woods of Macchia da Sole, or in the "ghost" villages of Laturo and Sette Cerri, up to the pass of Pietra Stretta where the 360° panorama will leave you breathless!! We could choose a variety of routes, each suitable for a type of hiker, from the most savvy to the most….Don't worry!!It's the beauty of the places that dominates!!

We are always under the watchful eye of Castel Manfrino, a mysterious place rich in history, above the fascinating Salinello Gorges.

Possibility of excursion, on foot, up to the ruins of the Castle.

Possibility of various lengths of the paths.

Km. 25/30/45
Height difference: 700 m./ 1000/ 1400 m.
Difficulty: TC/MC

Duration: ½ day or 1 day

Cost Guide from 100 to 150 €

Possibility of packed lunch or restaurant

Typical Products: Cheese, Craft Beer

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